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Uberti "How it's made" video

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--- Quote from: Fox Creek Kid on November 18, 2013, 06:46:44 PM ---
And ever last Man Jack among them said "don't do this at home" while they did it!!  :D  ;D  ;)

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah.  I got that it takes precision tools and fixtures to change a Colt barrel.  Then after I got to know a couple they invited me to come back to the shop and BS.  I watched them change barrels on several Colts, Rugers and others.  Rather than having six different kinds of action wrenches, they had a tapered piece of wood, just like in the Uberti video.

Bryan Austin:
Love the pressure testing  8)

One thing that I cannot understand on this video, is the statement that on proof firing, "three times the service pressure" was used ! Surely that should be 130% of the guns service pressure, or 30% over normal !


PJ Hardtack:
And you expected better from a TV reporter .... ?

I've given the facts and accurate info to reporters at our CAS events and when I read the article, I can barely recognize my own shoot!

And this after watching him take notes .....

Fox Creek Kid:
Proofing in Italy is a "blue pill" load of 30% over the max.



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