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Woo Hoo !!!!

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Hoof Hearted:
This is the 1st post in something I have been trying to get going for a couple years!

My original concept for this forum was to have a place to discuss the various SAA clones and their differences as well as to be able to ask other members about their experiences and opinions regarding the myriad of different SAA clones available on the market.

From the old (Jaegers and Dakotas) to the new (Beretta Stampedes and the like) there have been many incarnations. Some with differing grip shapes, some with coil springs, some with wide or narrow sights......well you get my drift.

Please respect the fact that this is not a Ruger forum or a Colt forum or even a USFA forum (we already have those) but a dedicated 1873, SAA CLONE FORUM.

Thanks to the Marshal, I raise my glass in toast to you!

Harley Starr:
And here we are.

Major 2:
Congrats  Hoof...well done
Thank you Marshal


Danny Bear Claw:
I remember reading the original post requesting this forum.  Don't know why I didn't post a YES vote on it.  I meant to. 
Anyway....  I'm glad it's here.  I shoot SAA clones exclusively, (when not shooting Vaqueros that is).  Keeps me from risking my real Colts.  I only shoot the real Colts on special occasions.


Wheeeeeeeeee!  But I hate the term "Clone."  But we do have to call them something ;D



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