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--- Quote from: Shotgun Franklin on January 17, 2012, 06:02:57 PM ---I don't see why not?
I have both Colt's and Clones, or replicas.
To be truthful, I carry or shoot my Colt's in fair weather or when I know they'll stay safe.
I carry and shoot my replicas when I think they will be subject to some abuse.
The difference being value. My Colt's shoot good as do my replicas.
I'm very sure I use replicas 10x more than the Colt's.

--- End quote ---
I'm in the exact same position.  I own a Colt SAA and several clones.  I'm not concerned with diminishing the value of the Ubertis so they see far more holster time than my Colt.  FWIW, I do hope to eventually outgrow this and use my Colt as intended.

Virginia Gentleman:
It would be great if the moderators would put an avatar on the page, why not a Uberti or Pietta SAA?

a thumbs up from me as I have two Italien clones....and anyhow, even if I didn't I wouldn't see why not.



I am so confused.  Some have been asking for a Colt SAA Clone (I hate the term "Clone") forum.  We are currently posting on one.  Right here in River City.  Colt SAA Clone forum.  Is someone unfamiliar with this forum's Header??  Can't Read??  Seems .................. STRANGE!!

Jeremiah Jones:
Is a .45 LC Cimarron 1873 good enough for Gov't. work?


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