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Slowhand Bob:
Lotsa Colt SAA clones and I shoot all but the .38s with smoky cartridges, the way they were meant to shot.  See, I am already turning the new forum exclusive!  Funny how so many sites that should be inclusive do become exclusive due to snobbery!  My favorites have been the pre-tuned ER versions by Cimmaron but I think at least one other outfit, the Taylors SmokeWagon, is now offering an equivalent.  It is an expensive proposition but I do hope to convert mine to Birdshead grip models as time goes on.  The checkered versions are not only very expensive but also very hard to come by.

Slowhand Bob, check with "Oklahoma Tom", he owns and operates "3B Shooting Supplys" out of Kaufman, Texas. He normally has the Taylor SmokeWagons in stock or can get them and he is very reasonable on his prices.
He is at the Shot Show and will be available on the 23rd, but he will probably answer emails.

Phone: 214-801-4476

Email: ThreeB.Shooting@att.net


Im all for it, but at the same time i cant help thinking things would be a lot easier with less running around if some of the forums were consolidated. Regardless this is the best site on the web.


Camille Eonich:
Marshal was coerced into and forced to attend the Shot Show in Las Vegas this year and is there now wishing that he was back here attending to Cas City instead of there wasting time looking at all those shiny new guns and other outdoorsy kinds of things that he has no interest in.  I'm sure that when he leaves the glaring obnoxious lights of Las Vegas and gets back home he'll check in with y'all. ;D :D

I vote for it.  But then again, all my origianls are M1860s. 

If we go with a SAA Clone forum, will there need to be a Remington clone forum also?  And how about the Open Tops,

I think you can see what I am saying, too bad there are some snobs that are making the clones go to their own site.


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