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I got a lemon from TTN, but Walt made it right.


Stoney Pete:
My TTN 1878 had issues.  Some I over came with smithing and other's I was gonna over look cuz of the price of the gun.  When the barrels worked loose, I called Walt.

He replaced the shotgun.  He paid shipping both ways and he even included $25 for the transfer fee from my dealer.

Some would say that's what he should have done.  I agree.  But since I'd be the first to howl if this deal had gone foul, I want to shout it out, that it was done right.

TTN will will stand behind their product.  They're ones to ride with.

Twelve Bore:
 I had the same problem with my TTN coach gun. Walt replaced the gun, paid for all shipping expenses and I had the new gun a week after sending him mine.  Great customer service From TTN!!!!

Col. Riddles:
My barrels haven't come loose. But the right barrel wouldn't fire. I sent it back to Walt & he fixed it & slicked it up. But I haven't had a chance to go test fire it since I got it back last Thursday.



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