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Marlin 1894cb


Micheal Fortune:
Just finished the write up on my new Marlin 1894cb, this is the regular one, not the competition one.

The action is now as smooth as a babies behind.  :)  I'm really happy with her.

Any more ideas?
This is my write up.

litl rooster:
MF, I have been eyeing the Marlin 1894cb, overall what do you think of this weapon? Thanx. lr

Micheal Fortune:
lil rooster, I like it very much.  I had been shooting a Win94 so this rifle is much faster to shoot.

This rifle is also much easier to work on too.  It was a little stiff out of the box but with just a little fiddling around it slicked up fine.

That's all in the right up.

Well as a matter of fact, I got to get in the shower as I have it's first shoot to attend in a hour or so. :D

Happy Trails!


Mustang Gregg:
Wrote to Marlin requestin' they make them M-1894 CBC's in .44 Mag. 
Anyone else ever ponder 'bout that?               


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