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Opinions...EAA Bounty Hunter Revolver


Will Pluggum:
 I'm shopping for 'affordable' six shooters (.357 Mag) and  found a place that sells EAA Bounty Hunter Revolvers for $284 + shipping+tax (of course).  This price sounds almost to cheap.  Makes me wonder.  I've never even seen one of this guns.  Anyone ever owned one of these?  Are they good pistolas?  Not tryin' to promote or slam anybodys products but would like to hear your comments.      Muchas Gracias....Pluggum

Silver Creek Slim:
I had a set for a while. They are good pistols for the money. They have a transfer bar safety like the Rugers but also have the half-cock hammer. So they load like the Colt SAA. They are made in Germany. I sold them because I changed calibers.



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