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Picture album of Cartridge box labels (updated 11/30/08)

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Hoof Hearted:
I have been collecting these for quite some time. Over the last couple of years I have shared these with many of our members. Some of these labels are cropped and cleaned up already, most are not. I use New Print Shop to do this work but if a certain label interests you and you do not have the resources feel free to contact me and I'll help! ;)

Many of these cartridge box labels apply to Remington revolvers past and present (and there are "combustible" box labels here too) and many of them don't. But almost all of us have interest in other firearms ;D

I will add content about box construction, label material and so on as time goes by.

Also if any of you photoshop and improve these labels, please send me a file copy so I can add them to the photobucket pages!

Here is the link:


Most of them are in order of cartridge size (by number). Go to the bottom and click VIEW ALL to see them in their entirety.

Click and enjoy!

Yer Pard,
Hoof Hearted

Rusty Spurr:
That is really cool!!!

Rusty Spurr:
I was off work a few months ago recuperating from carpal tunnel surgery.  Had a lot of time on my hands.  Made this box for my 32 S&W Longs.  Modeled it after one of the same labels on your Photobucket album.  (With a few changes).  Thought you would get a kick out of it.


Hoof Hearted:
Here is a link to a previous thread regarding Cartridge boxes:


Dixie has some boxes available here:


Wow, that is an awesome collection you have there, and many thanks for sharing!


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