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I finally got my HA Remingtons today. (12-21-04)
The fit and finish is excellent on both.
The CCH on the gate and hammer is very nice and even.
The grips are pretty and they fit well.
I do wish that the cases that they are in were finished and that the HA ink stamp on the one case was straight.
The second case had no ink stamp, only the serial number.

They will be shot tomorrow.
More at that time.

OK, now for the report...
I have a consecutive pair or HA 1875 Remingtons, 45 LC, 7.5" barrels.
For this report we will call the lower numbered pistol XX and the other XY.

Fit and finish on both guns is excellent as I said last night, grips are well fitted and have a very nice light finish. These are the blued models with CCH hammer and loading gate.

I did not disassemble the guns, the instructions said that an action job was not needed. I cleaned the light shipping oil from them and reoiled the cylinder pin. The bores were both extremely bright and clean.

On loading pistol XX I encountered two chambers in the cylinder that were extremely tight and would not chamber certain rounds. They appeared to shave brass from the cartridges. Pistol XY has one tight chamber. All others allowed the cartridges to slide in easily.

I started with a mild load, 250g RNFP, 4.3g Clays and a Federal No. 150 Large Pistol Primer.

I shot both pistols off hand just to warm them and had no misses at 10 steps.

I reloaded using the same loads and shot XX from a rest at 10 steps.
This pistol grouped a half inch high and a half inch left of a 1" center circle, the group measured 2" dia.

Pistol XY using the same loads shot a 1" group all in the center circle.

I shot next using a 200g RNFP with 4.5g Clays and a Federal LPP.

The pistols grouped almost exactly the same as with the 250g rounds.

I then shot 5 rounds from each pistol using a 160g FP, 4.3g Clays, Federal LPP in Schofield cases.
These rounds grouped very well at 10 steps obliterating the 1" paint circle.

Both pistols have a very nice hammer pull shooting duelist and are very easy shooting traditional.
The triggers on both are very crisp with no creep.
The trigger on XX is much lighter than the trigger on XY.
I shot them just as they came from the factory and intend to do so for about a month before making any adjustments.

I am sorry that I left the 180g RNFP rounds at home as these have done very well for me in the past.

I suppose that I need to go and shoot again tomorrow.

Further testing.

I shot some 165g RNFP in 45LC cases, these grouped very well. POA and POI were the same.
The 180g RNFP in 45LC cases grouped much like the 250s and 200s.

Four-Eyed Buck:
Figure out the tight chambers yet, 10Zzzzzzzzz?...............Buck 8) ???

Micheal Fortune:



--- Quote from: Four-Eyed Buck on January 04, 2005, 05:17:45 PM ---Figure out the tight chambers yet, 10Zzzzzzzzz?...............Buck 8) ???

--- End quote ---

This coming weekend the cylinders are going to be smoothed by a top notch gunsmith.
We'll see how this turns out.


--- Quote from: Micheal Fortune on January 06, 2005, 03:37:16 AM ---Pictures? 

--- End quote ---

Soon I hope.


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