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Cuts Crooked:
Howdy Gang!

Things have been going really well here in the Den for quite a while now and I've really enjoyed seeing the exchange of info concerning BP, the fun stuff that goes on in some of the threads, and the general feeling of good fellowship y'all create here! My thanx to each and every one of you for making this place so great to visit.

<sigh> Now I gotta "Dutch Uncle" a bit. There have been a couple of recent posts passing along info about smokeless use in both cartridge and C&B gunz. I know, as most of you do also, that they were strictly inquiries or intended to be informative in nature. Unfortunately not everyone who comes here is a higly qualified reloader/ballistician, and it is possible, however remotely, that some poor soul could make a serious mistake based on partial reading of these posts. So...with some reluctance....I'm going to lock them and will remove any future references to smokeless loads as I find them. I hate to do this, but I can't in good concience let these posts continue to be made. This place is after all about black powder and smokeless data really doesn't belong here in the first place. I know there are other boards out there that cater to smokeless shooters and that's where these kinds of posts belong. PLEASE respect my desire to keep this place about the Darkside and don't post about smokeless while yer here.

I will be adding a "No Smokeless discussion" rule to the forum rules thread.

Yer Pard,

Cuts Crooked

I agree 100% pard.

Jethro "Black Jack" Harris:
I'm one o' those newbies ya mentioned, Cuts, but I take the advice of all my new Darksider pards serious as all git out! I think sometimes folks post a question or a topic jes' to git a rise outta people. Other times they's really curious. Either or, I'm glad yer puttin' a stop to it in this case!

Breathe deep the gathering' don't go smokeless!

yer pard,
Jethro Black Jack Harris


Sgt. Jake:
     If it dosnt Boom,Flame and Smoke it aint Gunpowder.       Adios  Sgt. Jake



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