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New Goex Cowboy Powder

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Silver Creek Slim:
You are absolutely right, Paper Chaser.  ;D


Pukin Dog:
This stuff sounds like just the ticket for my 44-40 rounds.  3fg is a bit hot and 2fg is a little slow, maybe this "Cowboy" stuff is just right.

I only shoot 44-40, 45LC and 45-70 so I generally use 2fg.  Wonder if its worth it to mess with 2 different grades of powder.  Might just make reloading more of a hassle.  Got enough hassle making sure I don't load a 45 into the rifle at matches ::)

Silver Creek Slim:
Come to Ripon next month and you can try a lb.



Cactus Cris:
I used it in my 44/40 loads- 30gr with the Mav 44 boolit.  Loaded every 4th rnd with an extra wax wad (just to be on the safe side) & it did real good.  Tried it in my 60's C&B's and was not impressed enough to stop using the 2f Elephant that I had been using.  If the price stays the same as Schuetzen, will get more.


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