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New Goex Cowboy Powder

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Howdy Doody:
I am starting to hear about it. So far I have heard that it is a consistant grained powder and in 3f. What else has anyone else heard so far and when will we be able to order up the stuff?
I am hoping that they will keep the price down and not jump the price  just because they added the word cowboy to it. Seems that is a trend I have noticed with suppliers of CAS supplies. Cowboys ain't rich ya know, jest hard workin', fun lovin' bunch of money spendin' folks.

Black Dawge cartridges have been loaded with this new powder for the past year or two as they helped test and develop it.  Billy Boots used the ammo with this powder from BD to win FCD at Winter Range.

All other reports I've heard is it is very clean (for BP) and consistant, and leave little fouling.

I was lucky enbough to obtain a sample to try of this new powder so am going to see for myself.

Price should be comparable to FFg, maybe a quarter higher, from what I've heard.  Availability will be next month as it will 'officially' be introduced at EOT.

I also have a sample of the new Schutzen powder from Germany, and have been told it has many of the same properties that the new 'Cowboy' powder has.....price is about the same as the old Elephant powder.

I'm just thankful we still have real BP to play with.

Howdy Doody:
All black dawg cartridges? I got some 45-70 from them and they didn't do very well in my Handi Rifle. 
I am interested in a even grained BP for a reasonable price since I would need to buy by the case and that has been 25lbs with Goex.
That is a bunch of powder to have around, but if it performs, I can sell some to pards. I don't want to pawn off something that isn't a good thing and that is why I am asking.
So pard, are you saying we can buy the product after EOT or therabouts?
Thanks.  :)


Don't know about the big bores, but the smaller pistol caliber ca'tridges are loaded with it, so I am told.

Paper Chaser:
Recently tried some 45 Colt and 38 Special from Black Dawge, shoot great but was told they were NOT the Goex Cowboy.  Am going to order a few more and plan to specify the Cowboy BP. Will let  ya'll know how they do.


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