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Got an original Winchester 1876 - share pics!

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Grizzly Adams:
I thought it would be interesting to have a thread in which folks can share pics of original 1876 Winchesters.    If we get enough interest, I will make this a sticky.

I have posted this one elsewhere, but I will put it up again to get the ball rolling! :)

This is a short rifle, caliber 45-75.  It has a 22 inch round barrel and a shotgun butt.  It was built for the English market judgeing by the English proof marks and the way the wood has been finished.  Note the forearm, which is 1 inch shorter than standard.  Serial number indicates 1884.

Buck Stinson:
Here are a pair of .50-95 Express rifles from my collection.  The one on top was shipped in November of 1889 with a 26" round barrel.  The one on the bottom was shipped in December of 1881 with a 26" octagon barrel.  Neither of these guns has British proof marks.  They were both sold here in the US and used on the frontier.  Both guns are standard production, with the exception of the special order express front and rear barrel sights on the top gun.  The 26" barrel was the standard length for express rifles, while 28" was standard for all other calibers in the '76.  I have also included in the photo, a full original box of .50-95 Express Winchester ammunition and an early Winchester bullet mold and reloading tool for this caliber.  The cartridge box, tool and mold are only marked "Winchester Express" and do not have the .50-95 caliber markings.  These are very early items and at the time they were produced, this was the only express caliber Winchester offered.  Therefore, it was understood that "Winchester Express" meant .50-95 caliber.  Next time, I'll take a photo of one of my deluxe guns.


Icebox Bob:
Tried to post some pictures I have of an original NWMP 76, but all that appear are itsy bitsy pics.  Gonna have to work this out.



Icebox Bob:
Here are pictures of a NWMP carbine that was on display at the Saskatoon gunshow last fall.  No, it wasn't for sale.  More pics coming

Icebox Bob:


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