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Grizzly Adams:
I am making this a sticky, and will add to it as I locate links that will be useful for shooters of the 1876.  As additional resources are identified, we will add them to this thread.

Shooting With Hobie - Read all about Hobies adventures with the Chaparral NWMP SRC in 45-75.  Good information regarding forming brass for this caliber.  A very informative blog!   http://shootingwithhobie.blogspot.com/2007/04/winchester-1876-src-nwmp-reproduction.html
"DISCLAIMER RELOADING:  We allow members the exchange of reloading ideas, techniques and loads. However, under NO circumstances does the publication of any specific load(s) on the board indicate a recommendation of data published. The caution(s) mentioned in the reloading manuals of starting 10% below any recommended load(s) and working your way up apply in spades! Both experienced and inexperienced reloaders, PLEASE consult the available commercial reloading manuals. It is easy to make mistakes when typing, so view any data published in a post with common sense and suspicion… If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t!" CasCity.com assumes NO responsibility for any loads published.

Rare Winchesters - This is a great site for anyone interested in all the grand old Winchesters!


The Battle Of The Big Dry Wash, Article by Kirk Durston.


Marauder's Home Range.   Helpful tips, pics, and information on disassembly and maintenance of the toggle link designs, including Schematic drawings of the 1873 and 1876.


So how do I make 45-75 Brass from 348 WCF Brass? ???http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,22054.msg283723.html#msg283723

Smokeless Load Development for the 45-60 - PDF Files

john boy:
Grizzly - great post.  The Battle Of The Big Dry Wash article brings back 'memories' for me.  When I was communicating 'heavily' with the boyzs in Italy about the incorrect breech pin - it was the parts diagram on Kirk's site that I referenced.  Still have it in my reference directory

Great Links lots of useful reading  :D

Thanks Grizz


Jubal Wilson:
Hi Griz,
The links to Hobie and Crotchey Old Grouch aren't wokring for me anymore. Please check on them for me. Thanks. Jubal

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Here's Hobie's blog;



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