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Marshal Halloway:
Welcome to the Winchester Model 1876 board.

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Deadeye Don:
Yeah baby.  Up and running.  I think a great first posting would be for everyone to post pictures of their 76 (s).   Regards. Deadeye.

45-60, Uberti, Taylors.

Crotchety Old Grouch:
Ok,  Here is the kid with my Chaparral NWMP 76 in 45-75


hmm. lets see if I can make this work. Mine is a 26" 40-60 Chaparral. Serial number under 200. It's got the "enhanced" wood. So far, it's been fun to shoot. I finally got a smokeless load that shoots well with a 240gr bullet. I use cut down Starline 45-70 cases to make the ammo.

Well, I would current pics of my Chaparral '76, but it is currently torn apart all over my bench being restocked with real, honest-to-goodness walnut from Precision Gun Works.  I will post pics when I get it finished!   ;D

By the way, boys...we need a good photo for the header shot on this board.  It looks like every one has one but us!


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