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To Crimp or not to Crimp

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Flinch Morningwood:
I am thinking of getting the 457132 mould as well...you might try making up a batch of crimped and non-crimped - all else equal but the crimp.  Then go shoot them and see...you could even be so technical as to put an upper and lower target up and alternate the test groups so fouling would be fairly equal.

I am Shooting an EMF Pedretti Sharps so I'd be interested to know what works for you...

load my 50/70 with just enough crimp to keep the bullet in place. good luck, geo.

Montana Slim:
Another factor is whether you resize the neck...If you don't resize, you'll likely need some crimp (depending on bullet dia) to keep it from working itself out.

I resize and the bullet ain't gonna fall out, so I use just enough crimp to de-flare the mouth....makes chambering easier.

The preaparation of one's ammo will largely depend on what your'e intended use is......A good load for the ol' NCOWS buffalo match may not be ideal for BPCR match or a bullseye match



Steel Horse Bailey:
Thanks for all replies.  I guess this means I'll be trying out both methods.  I wanted the opinions.  Seems like the BenchRest shooters generally don't crimp, but I'm not a BR capable person. 

Obviously, someone with a tube-fed Marlin would crimp.

Thanks again.

Dakota Widowmaker:
Tuber feeders (i.e. "leverguns") need a roll crimp or a good neck resizing that extends BELOW the base of where you are going to seat your bullet by 1/4" inch or so.

My 45-90 and my 38-55 both like a nice even neck resize and a good clean roll crimp on a seperate die.

With either one, I generally have enough powder under the bullet so that bullet set-back is not an issue.


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