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To Crimp or not to Crimp

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Steel Horse Bailey:
Howdy all!

Well, folks - what's your take on this?  I've heard about all the types.  I shoot 45-70 with soft bullets, so I'm thinking that a firm crimp, like the ones produced by a Lee Factory crimp die is a no-no.  I'm shooting these rounds thru a Taylor's Sharps repro.  So far, I've been shooting 405 gr bullets, but soon I'll be using bullets that I cast that are 535 gr from a Lyman #457132DV mould.

What say you?

Thanks ahead of time for your answers.

Jeff  "Steel Horse Bailey"

Jeff, I use a taper crimp with mine.  Most the stuff I had "READ" said don't crimp, me being the type that don't always believe what I read I tried both ways and for some funny reason my rifle doesn't seem to be able to read. 

Of course your milage may vary depending on which book or forum board you have read. ;)  One never knows till you try it.

I generally don't crimp my 45-70 loads. I put a light crimp on them when they are for hunting use, just enough to keep the bullet from falling out. Don't have any empirical data to support crimp or no crimp - just the way I do it. YMMV . . .


Silver Creek Slim:
I crimp so the boolit isn't pushed out by all the powder I've stuffed under it.  ;D


Bristow Kid:
I use just enough crimp to hold the bullet firmly in place.

Bristow Kid


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