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Lt. Col Mark Flint:
Has nothing to do with anything, but I recognize a lot of names and was looking for a way to say howdy.

Silver Creek Slim:
Welcome, Mark.


El Peludo:
Howdy there, Mark, good to see you here.  This place is becoming the regular hang for a lot of the old timers, and I for one am happy to have so many familiar pards to visit with.  I like the low key, non-fussy atmosphere.  Everybody minds their "p's and q's" rel well.

I guess, if I recall correctly, that we might have cause to call you smoky; haven't you gone completely to the dark side?  The Dark Side page her is a good 'un.


Lt. Col Mark Flint:
Well I strayed and shot smokeless a few weeks ago, but I was playing with my girlfriends guns and waiting on a shellplate for my press, so I was saving my bp ammo for our state match.

I repented and tested 75 rounds of "fillerfied" FFg through a revolver after the match.  Decided to go back to full power loads, albeit with a bit less compression.

I am so committed to BP that in my Law office I have 1000 .38-40 Black Dawge 2 lube groove bullets sitting at my desk and ballistol in the drawer!

Nice place here and the names I see are the model of civility-hope I can behave ;)

Thanks for the welcome

Cuts Crooked:
Howdy Lootenent!

welcome to one of the finest places on the web ta cuss 'n discuss The Darkside! :D


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