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Jerky-nitrites or not?


Iron City Sage:
Coming up on fall trail riding season, and we just had a steer processed so about to start making some jerky in the smoker for saddlebag snacks and trail lunch. In the past I have always used one of those jerky seasoning kits, that use nitrite salts to cure the meat. However I’m hearing it’s not so great for you (no surprise there….)

How do YOU make your jerky? Is it necessary to cure the meat with that stuff really? I have seen others just use soy sauce, salt, etc. Anyone here experienced with jerky making? Thanks!

Professor Marvel:
Check your sauces, many are high in salt.
If one HAS to have flavor check the salt content.
Ihave used low salt Teriyaki, low salt BBQ sauce, and no sauce.

I have always used the diy dehydrator box, a low watt bulb for some warmth, and fiberglass screens.

Works a treat, low cost , jerky comes out fine.

Prf mumbles

Never have used any in mine, no idea why one would.  I always used a little salt and pepper. 



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