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Downloadable Dutch Oven Cook Book


I have gotten my first book on dutch oven cooking finished and available for downloads at this time.

The link will take you direct but you have to be logged into Etsy. I will be looking into more marketing options but this was suggested to me. I am new to on-line marketing and have actually only ever bought two items on line.


I hope be able to put it in actual print in the future, either self published or if someone wants to publish it.  I will be looking at both angles here.

This is a book for both beginners and experienced dutch oven cooks, I have detailed information on how to cook with wood embers, how to take your favorite recipes and use them in the camp dutch oven outside, with tables to convert common baking pans to dutch ovens..  Also of course some of my favorite camp recipes covering the amounts needed  for the common size ovens.  I also cover how much is needed to feed large groups of people.
I also cover the proper seasoning of ovens and other cast iron, and the care of the same.  Improper seasoning causes the majority of the problems people have with these. I cover the method that will give your cast iron a hard non-stick coating that is tougher than any coating put on steel and aluminum pans and the same coating can be repaired at any time you might damage it. 

I have included many photographs that show how I do things, I have been cooking with dutch ovens for over 35 years and cast iron much longer. I have cooked for large groups of people, most often in a Living History context so everything was made from scratch using materials used in the so called Victorian Era, how ever with the guidance in this book you can also convert and use your modern recipes in these versatile cooking implements.  For people more interested in camping, hunting and fishing than cooking you can cook any prepared frozen food provided you have a dutch oven or two, some fuel either wood or charcoal and a way to keep said packaged food till ready to cook if frozen. 

I am still working on a large book on cooking Victorian Era foods in the 21st Century.  That will contain large amounts of reference on the groceries of the time and when they came on the market and in the case of fresh produce what time of the year they were available.  There is still more research needed, questions lead to more questions. 

I realized not everyone was interested in that much historical information so I put this together, it has bits and pieces of history, that I can’t help, it’s in my nature. 

Many of my recipes are the old standards but I also include how to take the basic recipe and change it slightly to create a whole different dish.  Take the common baking powder biscuit, if you follow cooking groups there are many dishes that can be made using the common store bought tube of biscuits.  Well with homemade biscuits you can take the basic recipe and make any of those recipes and many more, and homemade biscuits can take less than 5 minutes to make, and they taste so much better. 

I would have loved to had this 50 years ago and would have paid my asking price, but it would have not been as much fun, it’s been a fun adventure and I hope it continues for many more years.

Glen Carman aka Delmonico
April 2023


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