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Fried cabbage

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Fried Cabbage

Another old time dish that is seldom seen today, it is a simple dish, quick to fix, cheap and adds variety.  It can just be fried on it's own or some cured pork and/or onions add to it.

This has always been a hit when I make it, most times there are people who have never tried it.  Like most of my recipes they are not meant to be exact, but just a guide.  I normally make it with bacon and just use the bacon grease to fry it, but other similar meat would be fine.

Let's call this for 8-10, sounds like a lot for that size but my friends tend to snarf this up and come for seconds.  To fry it a 15" skillet, 14" deep or shallow oven or a 12" deep, one needs plenty of room because it needs a lot of stirring.

2 fairly large heads of cabbage
1-2 onions
About a 1/2 pound of bacon or other cured pork
Extra lard or butter for frying if needed
Salt and pepper

Chop the bacon and fry it, drain enough grease off to have about 3/16 of an inch in the bottom.  Other meats may need some lard added.

While the bacon is frying you can chop the cabbage up, size is not a big deal, and of course do the onion if using.

Put the cabbage and onion in the dutch oven or skillet, season to taste and fry and turn/stir often to keep from burning. 

When the cabbage is all soft and lightly browned it is ready to serve.

Professor Marvel:
I have to try this one out soon!

Does Red Cabbage work equally well?

prof marvel


Do be cautious at first, it does have an effect on some people, don't wander far for the first couple hours just in case. ;)


Baltimore Ed:
My dad would fry up the leftover cabbage, ham and potatoes the day after we had ham and cabbage for dinner. He used a big cast iron skillet, don?t ever remember him using fresh cabbage. It was a good dinner.

Major 2:
Would you consider throwing in some link sausage ?   Italian sausage, bratwurst maybe ?


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