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Looking for a recipe for Arkansas chow chow

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Forty Rod:
When I was in 'Nam my roommate got a package a week from his wife: two pint bottles of her chow chow, two pints of Uncle Frank's home brew, all packed in black eyed peas. (Which we also cooked and ate.)  My wife sent Swedish pork loin which mostly went in the peas, 1LT Futrell's wife provided corn meal and the fixings to make corn bread, some guys from Wisconsin contributed cheese and butter, and so on and so forth.  There was real maple syrup and candy, kippered herring, canned bacon (an acquired taste, jerky, and a host of other good stuff.

We lived well when we weren't being targeted by some really antisocial natives.  (Just for the record I didn't even know their wives, sisters, or daughters so I didn't understand why they were shooting at me.)

I fell in love with chow chow and have been looking for a recipe or a bottle of it since 1969.  Got lots of both, but none were quite "right".

I stopped in at a Mortimer Farms store about seven miles from my house last week and found what I wanted. Got the ingredients, all natural, but not the proportions or measurements.

So far I have cabbage, onions, vinegar, pure cane sugar, carrots, peppers (don't know what kind), mustard seed, celery seed, and unnamed spices.

Any help?

Tascosa Joe:
All chow chow I had growing up had green tomatoes as the main ingredient.  Both of my Grandmothers have long past, so the receipt is long gone.


Can't stand the stuff myself, so I had to dig for a recipe.  This one has instructions for canning, so it might be close to what you had.  Recipes that are meant to be canned tend to be fairly consistent over time (at least, if they were tested to begin with!).


I also remember something like this, has anyone found the original recipe?

 I totally get your craving for that perfect chow chow recipe. It's amazing how certain flavors can bring back memories, especially from such a memorable time like 'Nam. Now, when it comes to making chow chow, proportions and measurements are key to getting it just right. Since you've got all the ingredients, I'd suggest checking out Cuisine at Americas Restaurant, a fantastic food blog that always has the best recipes and recommendations for great restaurants to visit.


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