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Coffee ???


OK, what is the best well to make coffee? I don’t drink the stuff and have heard more ways than ways to make a cobbler. So, tell use way your way is the only way.

Silver Creek Slim:
I don't make the stuff either, but am curious also.


Joyce (AnnieLee):
This is the way I was told to make coffee while camping:

Put one scoop in the pot for every cup, then add a pinch of salt to take out the bitterness.

When we camped we used a percolator, so didn't have grounds in the water. If I was making the coffee for a group, I'd use the one scoop per cup, then cut my cup with water and milk. If I was making it for me, it'd be about 1/2 scoop per cup. As Forty Rod and Capt Hamp have told me, I am a "woosie."




1/2 scoop!??!

Why don't you just boil water and put a twig in it?

Ok the PC way to do it is with either a perculator or just put the coffee in a pot and boil the heck out of it, the amount of coffee per taste.  Raw eggs, egg shelss and other nasties including fish skin were sometimes added to settle the grounds.  Boiling makes it bitter because it releases the tannic acid, this includes perking it.

Bring the water to a slight boil, let it cool slightly and add coarse ground coffee, keep it warm but do not let it boil.  After about 10 minutes tap the side of the pot and pour.  It will settle most of the grounds and taste like drip coffee.

Put the coffee in a clean cotton back before steeping and you won't have any grounds.


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