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First Shoot for 2006 Downunder.


Dakota Dan from OZ:

Just got back home from the range after our first shoot for 2006, good to catch up  and shoot with some good old friends.

Opened the safe this morning and every shooting iron wanted to go for a ride to the range, had a hard decision to make who went and who stayed home. Garbbed rifles and a shotgun and a pair of pistols  heaps of ammo and off I went,had a ball ,plenty of practice for EOT, shot some clean some not.

Great to back in it.


Marshal J.D.Lightning:
As you said D D was great to catch up with old Friends !!!!

What a great day, I had a ball  ;D

Thanks Texas for the go of ya 38-55, I'm now thinking of keepin the one I got & playing with it !!!

Be assured Dakota, I will be coming to you 2 day shoot next month.

Thanks Guys, see ya soon.


Texas Tall:
Yep you're right Dakota it was a great day as it nomaly is at NewTec and good to catch up with a lot of great mates.
 Lightning, No worries and good to see you and your family again. :) :)
 Hey Judge, Thanks for those ' Big Lube' 44-40 bullets, and a look at the mold.  Will give 'em a try  :)

See Ya.............Texas Tall  ;) ;) ;)


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