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Camille Eonich:
It's expensive to fly to Australia!  ???

Marshal J.D.Lightning:
Yes , but well worth it cause of ALL the GREAT people you'll meet down here !!!!! ;D



As a Kiwi it really gaals on me but I must concur with the last statement. Aussies are really hospitable people, we have this banter between our two countries but we both come from basically the same stock.

Its second nature for my OZ cousins to be generous and hospitable. They have a funny accent and a wicked sense of humour. I flatted with a load of them in London in the 70's and had a ball. As it turned out my "best man" at my wedding was an Aussie, if you can call a Tasmanian that.


Camille Eonich:
I'm warning y'all...if we come down there we're staying for two weeks.  This may upset the balance of the earth. :D

Texas Tall:
Oh Camille, you can stay for two months if you wish,it aint goin to upset nothin.
All jokes aside yep it is expensive so if you do get down here try and have as much time as possible and get to see as much as you can.
Dai's right we all come from the same stock and think very much alike.
Any info you want you can probably get on the net but if you need more just holler and we'll send what you're after.
 Regards..................Texas Tall. ;) ;) ;)



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