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I think he is too close to the chronograph and getting false readings. I seriously doubt he is really getting over 1200fps with a round ball, 20gr of powder in that short barrel. Nevertheless, it is a cool video and great to see one being fired.

I've got an H&A pepperbox that I thought about for matches,  but I think Twain was overly-optimistic about accuracy with one.  I'm not sure I could hit the floor with it if I fired it pointing straight down!

I've got a Remington Elliot 4 barrel pepperbox.  Its a neat little gun. I made a video shooting it a while back. At card table distance it is plenty accurate.

Major 2:
With due respect ,  his method of loading is a fools folly 

Load a capped piece is a recipe for disaster , not to mention the ills of dry firing ( as he mentions ) but does so himself.
I also agree with ndnchf at that range the chronograph was fooled by the billowing BP smoke more that likely.

I enjoyed the video with that dubiety.



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