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Educate me, Please! CZ & the future of the Colt SAA

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Larsen at least the value of that N.I.B. Cowboy has jumped!  I guess collectors who have to have one of every model...

Hope so.  Maybe it is time to get rid of it.  Lest anyone think I am a Colt basher I love Colts.  Especially the antique ones.  The last pair of new ones I ordered were these two.  I ordered them at the Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas in 2011.  Colt had a booth at the show.  These were in .38 Special and had an industrial hard chrome finish that Colt was offering for a while.  Supposed to be basically scratch proof. They also have the extremely scarce wide spur hammers.  They don't make those anymore.  Bought them for Cowboy shooting.

Wouldn't let me load two photos.  This is the other photo.

I know Colt made low wide hammers for some of their mounted shooters, but I've never seen a high wide one like that.

  Colt has increased SAA production within the past two or three years. Based on serial numbers since 2018 they seem to be producing about 1,000 - 2,000 SAA's per year. As per Colt's website in 2018 they were at S85000A and they are up to at least S89000A right now in 2021. I know I have seen S86xxxA, S87xxxA and S88xxxA as well so I do not think they are skipping large blocks of serial numbers.



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