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Camille Eonich:
I got a package from Australia!!!!  I can't wait to sit down tonight and read them all!!!

Thanks so much!!!

Camille Eonich:
Hey these are some really great looking news letters.  Lots of content too.

Dakota Dan from OZ:
Hope you enjoy the reading and photos.

Just how its done Downunder.

Dakota Dan from OZ  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

Camille Eonich:
I'm enjoying!

We had a guest at the house tonight and I decided to show off my new treasures.  Stump and Island Girl were both impressed with the quality of the newsletters.  I am the envy.   ;D

Texas Tall:
Yes Camille we thought you'd have a bit of fun seeing what goes on down this way.
As we promised we'll get a heap of photos on a disc and get them off to you.
Regards.......Texas Tall. :) :) :)



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