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Suffering with a right side back spasm that rolled on yesterday morning,
I have no idea what Dumb^$$ thing I had done to set it off. 
I took some Tylenol and made it through the day fine, but a plumbing check early this morning proved it was back.
So, today's agendas are relax with a heat pad, and reframe from calisthenics ;) (that one is easy)
 and just about everything else.
Too cold to swim it out ::)
Morning y'all.
Coffee, tea and eggnog are ready.

Great news, Del. I'm praying.

'Tis 32 and overcast. High of 50.

Good evening Gents. Del, thanks for the great news. Went by work today to check on a co-worker who is recovering from a nasty cold. Boss asked if I could stick around, so I wound up working all day. Now we watched a Christmas program our g'nieces and nephew were in, it was fun, now we have the Grand Ole Opry Christmas Special on.
She's home, will help her of course but she can do stuff for herself this time.
Good news Thursday  :)
Waiting for them to get her ready to go so I can go get her, much better than last week.
Morning y'all.
Coffee, tea and eggnog are ready.

'Tis 25 and cloudy. High of 44.

We had S**W flurries since 1:00am this morning, didn't stick since the ground isn't frozen yet. Happy about that.
Looks like it will be tomorrow now. 
Today's high 66°, finishing my morning brew. and ham biscuit.

I made a Pork tenderloin last night with my own version of an applewood rub.  :)
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