Author Topic: USFA & Big Lube Bullets  (Read 601 times)

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USFA & Big Lube Bullets
« on: May 01, 2020, 05:37:42 PM »
I am fortunate enough to have several USFA black powder framed 45 Colts. Far and away my favorite is an all USA parts 4-3/4" 45 Colt in what they called their Pre-War model. It is made so well and fitted so tightly I had a lot of trouble the first few times I shot real BP through it. Couldn't get through two cylinders worth (10 shots) without the cylinder binding so tight you couldn't advance it by simply cocking the hammer.

Several here recommended I try Big Lube bullets so I bought some from a guy in California (don't remember his name right now) and got some for testing. That was over a year ago. Because life happened (shoulder reconstruction surgery, then a set back delayed recovery) I never got around to trying the bullets until now.

Well I finally got out today and fired 50 rounds of the 250g BL bullets over 32g of OE black powder. The cylinder never dragged once in all 50 rounds and I didn't clean anything until I was finished. I was kind of testing the limits and those bullets passed with flying colors.

Can't remember who all recommended them but thanks to all of you.


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Re: USFA & Big Lube Bullets
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2020, 10:26:32 AM »

 :D  Hi Dave   :D

May or may not have been me making the recommendation for "Big Lube" bullets.  Might also have been Dick Dastardly, a prime supplier of Big Lubes.

I am fairly certain you got your bullets from "Springfield Slim" from California.  His Big Lube bullets are rather superb. 

Since you have had some shoulder problems, I might also suggest, in line with Big Lube bullets you might give serious consideration to the lighter bullets Slim offers to reduce your recoil strain.  The 175Gr and the 200Gr slim offers are superb.  Glad to hear your back to playing.


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