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Thanks for another good episode. Those 1st generation Colts are mighty nice. You mentioned it had a heavy hammer spring. I've seen an original with a piece of leather under the spring at the screw to lighten it. Evidently that wasn't all that uncommon a practice back then.
To be honest, I'd never heard of the ninety degree thing.  I just rotate it enough for the barrel to be next to the frame so I can tell how much to add to the arbor.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Accurate 2460 in .45-70
« Last post by Niederlander on Today at 08:44:48 AM »
Yep, that's what I've been finding, as well.  I'll just use it for .308!
Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / PIETTA EL MALO 2 W/UPDATE
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Today at 08:42:32 AM »

 :) All is not Roses  >:(

I desperately wanted these guns for the lower/wider hammer.  Alas, not a good idea.  Muscle memory is killer.  I just can't operate the guns with the lower hammer.  They gotta go.  The "Thunderball" Grip also doesn't fit my hands.  They gotta go.  Oopsies, I bought the wrong version of the guns.  EMF has the same gun with Plow Handles and upright Hammers.  Live and learn.

Mechanically, the guns are really good.  The only real problem has been the fit of the Barrel Bushing which had to be driven out and dressed to fit and turn properly.  The Base pin was also a real groan to get out.  The cross bolt is heavily sprung as is the Ejector.  I scratched the bottom flat of the barrel (girrrrrrrrrr).  And I did whack the last 3/32 off the base pin to eliminate the stoopid safety portion.  Gonna be real fun guns when I finally get to play wid 'em you betcha.
Zoot Shooters / Re: Slang from the 20s
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 08:41:29 AM »
Here are some more... I did not cut and paste these, I was half woke up this morning remember this thread and though of the letter F go figure  ::)

Flivver = a cheap beater car
Flapper = a young woman
Flop = your residents, cheap room. flophouse
Fiver = a 5-dollar bill

Jig = all over  " the jig is up !"

paperhanger = passing bad checks


 :) Oh Bother  ;)

How did Pietta sneak into this conversation??  We were discussing Uberti wern't we??  Just as a point, over the last 15 or so years, I haven't found enough error in the Barrel to Arbor fit in Pietta to be concerned about.

Regarding the 90 degree barrel twist, only enough offset is required to gauge the amount of overlap (should be zero).  The problem lies with the poor matchup between the bore in the Barrel Lug and the Arbor.  Mostly, out of the box, the barrel has had to be "driven" onto the arbor and the "driven" off to disassemble.  Just looking for a "witness mark" in the bottom of the hole will only confirm the whole assembly doesn't fit properly.

Now, to be honest. I can't speak for Uberti guns made over the last 4 or so years as I have taken down my shingle.  However, if Uberti couldn't be bothered to fix the problem over the last two or three DECADES I would not expect it to be corrected now.
Morning y'all.
Coffee, tea and eggnog are ready.

Sn*w overnight. 2" so far.

'Tis 25 and light flurries. "Snow showers in the morning  then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Snow accumulation up to 1 inch. Nearly steady temperature in the lower 30s. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow near 100 percent."

STORM / Re: Cimarron's 1862 pocket police conversion update
« Last post by Long Johns Wolf on Today at 06:08:01 AM »
I measured and weighed an original Colt Pocket Navy in .38 CF and the Uberti Pocket Navy .380 ACP, both have round 3,5" barrels.
99,9% identical measurements incl. the weight.
Regarding sales in Germany of the little sucker since the importer received the first shipment in early 2019: three specimens only!
As a 5-shooter it is not legal as a main match pistol in CAS matches over here as opposed to the SASS rules.
On the other hand we have practically no side matches for pocket pistols.
Long Johns Wolf
STORM / Colt 1865 Pocket Navy Conversion .380 ACP
« Last post by Long Johns Wolf on Today at 05:38:42 AM »
Howdy from Germany,
Are these little 5-shooters SASS legal as main match pistols?
Are there any modifications required?
How about this semi-rimmed ammo?
Lead bullets are mandatory I assume.
Which loads are recommended?
Long Johns Wolf
STORM / Re: OFFICIAL 1861 thread (post pictures here)
« Last post by Long Johns Wolf on Today at 05:26:02 AM »
My pair of 1861 RM Conversions in .38 Long Colt cal.
They are my main match pistols since 2018.
The one with the silverish grip frame is a 2nd gen Colt, the other a 4-screw frame Uberti.
Long Johns Wolf
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