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S&W 586 grip recommendations


This is one of my personal favorites in my collection, and is probably going to become my carry/hiking/general use gun. It's a early 586, AEA prefix, 4" barrel, M stamp, has some honest wear, but is a solid shooter. With a butter smooth trigger in both double and singe action, the SA trigger pull is solid with no hammer pushoff, with maybe a 2lb pull and zero take up. The double action is just as smooth, it's heaver, but like butter. My only issue, it has a set of Altamont coke bottle grips. And as much as I have tried to like them, they just don't fit my hands, it feels too small in places., and puts a weird pressure on my pinkie. I've been looking at a set of g10 VZ grips, this revolver will be shot a lot. And I have g10 grips on my High power. I'm thinking maybe some old school target or combat grips. Thoughts? Opinions? Rude remarks? Photos of your 586/686 you want to show off?

Here's mine, I rescued her from a gun store last September.

I found that a standard target stock, from S&W, with a lot of the wood removed was a good option for me.

The targets were too wide and too long at the bottom so I removed lumber until they were comfortable.



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