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Slicking up a Miroku 92?

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Doc Holloman:
I have a Miroku 92 in .38-40.  I originally picked it up for Wild Bunch (figuring power factor would make it competitive) but the last couple of matches I have noticed that the slow levering is really eating into my time, and now with the tricked out .38 73s showing up, if this gun is going to avoid becoming a safe queen, I am going  to need to up it's game.
Anyone out there slicking up the Miroku?

IF it shares the issue of an overly strong ejector spring in the bolt like other brands, then replacing that will make it close easier when chambering a round. Otherwise, I'm ignorant of the Mirokus. Lightening the main spring, maybe. If you polish the locking bolts, remove NO metal.

Doc Holloman:
I just heard from Steve at Steve's Gunz.  The issue with the rifle is the "overstrong" mainspring, which is unfortunately necessary to drive the rebounding firing pin and hammer.  To lighten up the lever it is necessary to replace the entire set of fire control components. When I was shooting against .45 Colts and .44-40s, it didn't matter much to me.  Against slick .38s, I think I need a different rifle.


Save your money and just practice magazine changes.  :)  Lots more stage time improvement that way, I'd think.   Easy advice from a guy who needs badly to practice magazine changes.  :D


 :) Doc  ;)

With the necessary changes to fire control parts and springs, a '92 can be very smooth and very fast indeed.  However:  No amount of tuning will render a '92 to be competitive with a tuned up .38 1873.

Follow with Abilene if you will.  Yule need a new rifle (Uberti with Short Stroke and Springs) iffin you want to run alongside the '73s.  So I agree with Abilene.  Practice up yer reloads, transitions and shotgun skills and save a bundle of bucks.

Although there is always a good reason for a NEW RIFLE!!


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