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Finally !.44 Special Cimarron American No. 3


I picked up my .44 Special American revolver after a 3 year wait.Ordered direct from Cimarron to my local FFL. I wanted this caliber as the closest to the original chamberings. The revolver is marked “44 Colt, Russian & 44 S&W Special”. Will chamber all three. The finish is a deep blue, with nice fitting wood grips. A faux ivory or bone grip would really set this off. Pictures to follow.

The 44 Russian brass has been available from Starline. It's a fairly potent round.   

I know. Can’t wait to try her out. The .44 Russian has such an interesting history and legacy-the granddaddy of the .44 Magnum.


Can you please attach a picture of the gun? I really want to see it.
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