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bear tooth billy:
The 2024 National Congress of Old West Shootist's convention will be held March 22-24, back in Davenport Iowa
at the Double Tree by Hilton, formerly the Radisson where we held it 2017 -2019. The website is now up with some
information on it, with more to follow. We do not have a posse putting this on, just a few members wanting to see
this event continue and thrive. We need some people to help out by doing seminars, I would like to see them varied
and interesting to the public also, as we had good walk-in attendance here in the previous 4 years we held it here.
The website is    Together lets continue to make this event special!!!!

                 Thanks John Hoker Marshal

Iron City Sage:
Outstanding. As for seminars, I am new so haven't been to your convention, and I don't know if it would be of any interest, and I am a very new member, so no hurt feelings if you are not interested, but I am a long time Railroader, and like the history of our industry and the role it played in opening the West. I frequently speak at conferences mostly related to technology, safety, and regulatory compliance, however I would love to put together something on the history of the railroads if that would be of any interest. I tried to PM, but can't maybe because I am such a new member, if you are interested try sending me one and I'll give you my personal email and we can discuss.

Travis Herod
Iron City Sage
Alabama Bushwhackers

bear tooth billy:
That sounds good if you can do the railroad history of our time period. I think it would
also be of interest to our walk in public.



Iron City Sage:
yes sir, for the time period. There are a lot of directions we can go with it, depending on the particular interest and time alloted. There is a lot of personality history, technology history, sociological history, etc that we can go into, between the 1840's and 1900.

ira scott:
I would like to see a seminar on the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, possibly titled " Hell on Wheels, History or Entertainment?"
B.N. Scotty


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