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Is the 25/20 becoming obsolete

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Big Looey:
I've got a model 92 (1917)with a 24" octagonal barrel and a model 53 (1925) in  20" barrel  both in 25/20. I asked about ammo for them in a local gunshop and got a blank look from the owner who said he didn't have any then looked them up online and found a box of Winchester for $275 for 50 rounds so I soon realised why the barrels on my two rifles looked like new. It didn't take long to track down several hundred brass cases and dies and cast up some loads.
It's a shame this calibre is slipping into obscurity because it's such a fun round to shoot and a versatile round for hunting thin skinned game or plinking. I know there are other calibres that are more capable, shoot flatter and hit harder but those high powered gramophone needles don't have the character of these old rounds. I know I'd rather shoot the 25/20 around the farm than a .223.  I wonder how many others still enjoy shooting them as much as me.

I think it has gotten overshadowed by the 32-20, which isn't much different,  but 32wcf guns and ammo are still being made. And even that owes some of its availability to the CAS market.  The 25-20, not being SASS legral, does not have that advantage.

Big Looey:
Yes I think you're right, the 32/20 seems to pop up everywhere. I know a few people that shoot them. But never see the 25/20 around.  It's going the same way as the hornet which is another good round, but like they say you can load a .223 down to .22 hornet so why bother with it but I have no interest in .223 but I'd love a hornet.


Oops, I must correct myself.  The 25-20 IS legal for SASS, for rifle.  But again, the lack of any new guns made in that caliber, plus the small bullet being harder to hear hit the target, have limited its popularity (not to mention brass is much harder to find than 32-20, which is scarce itself these days though not in more normal times).

Lucky R. K.:

You should try finding ammunition or components for the 25-21 Stevens.
Lucky  ;D


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