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New Rossi 92 versions - question about model design options

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Black River Smith:
I had a previous posting about these rifles but I really need this one question answered.

Are these rifles still offered New in 24" octagon barrel rifle configurations?

I have a dealer price for the carbine but no listing for rifle.   Does anyone know were a rifle version can be gotten?


I called Rossi and the 24" barrel is currntly not in production. There is no definitive answer if they will return.

Black River Smith:

Okay, well I never thought about doing that... Thanks for the info.  Do they have a 'place' here in the USA?  I thought they were in Brazil and that maybe a dealer would have a flier or brochure as to the options.

Once again you have come through with need info.  Deeply appreciate that.


Yup, they are now out of Florida. Talked to a very nice southern belle who went and asked someone. At least with the 20" barrels you can load 10 rounds.

cpt dan blodgett:
I have a 24 inch Octo Hartford Model I got from Nate Kiowa Jones.  Like how it works, the stock on the rifle is just a tiny bit too long to easily get the lever fully opened with the butt in the shoulder.  Size apparently matters when you are 5' 6".  My rossi carbine 12 3/4 LOP is easy the Rifle with 13 1/2 LOP requires a bit of Technique to fully open lever with butt in shoulder.  Love the rifle though will be dandy in the deer or hog woods.


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