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Will Ketchum:
Approved List-

Unapproved List-

Will Ketchum

Dr. Bob:
Thanks Will!  

Here is a handy set of links to the NCOWS Approved and Not-Approved lists.  These lists detail the firearms that have been reviewed and approved or not approved by the Congress.  When in doubt, check it out.

Bob Dorian

  One change should be made to the unapproved list. Last year a change was made to approve already approved banana-grip Webley revolvers, that do not have banana-grips. (does that make sense?)    jt


Okay, Here is another is-it-approved question.

I wrote in another thread that I am enamoured of the John Bodine .45-70 Pedersoli with its double triggers.

Since double triggers were only made ona a custom one-off basis on Remingtons, would a double trigger rifle be on the approved list by NCOWS/

I already have one rifle that is not approved by NCOWS .... Would I be better , as I said on the other thread, to buy a Pedersoli that has all the bells and whistles but no double trigger rig?

Dr. Bob:

The double set triggers are OK.  They were available in the NCOWS period.  Go for it!


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