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Pt 6. Building Speed


Marshal Halloway:

--- Quote from: Doc Shapiro on October 05, 2004, 09:54:01 PM ---This is the last one for tonight!

There are many out there that will tell you to just keep practicing accuracy and the speed will come. Where do they think it will come from? You can't build speed by shooting slow! To shoot fast, you have to practice shooting fast.

That means shooting outside your envelope. Yup, you're gonna miss. There ain't no 2 ways about it. Here's why....

When you are shooting in your comfort zone, you are shooting at the current pace that your eyes can track target and sights. In order to shoot faster, you have to speed up your eyes.

Pick up the pace. Now you are shooting faster than your eyes can keep up with. That's ok. Your eyes are getting practice now. They will catch up. When they do, you'll be shooting faster, and just as accurately before you started speeding up. So now, do it again!

This is the natural progression. In order to shoot fast and accurate, you have to learn to see fast. No better way to do it than to shoot faster than you can see and really work on speeding up your eyes to catch up.

Remember, to shoot fast, you have to practice shooting fast.


--- End quote ---


I agree 100% ,If your aim is to be faster than you  must practice outside your normal  (AT SPEED) level to improve at this


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