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"New" ASM 1863 pocket

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Went to a gun show today and left with a 63 pocket Remington brass frame. Only 120$, first ever Remington style revolver I've owned, it's missing a pin for the loading lever, but I'll find something.

Johnson Barr:
ASM pockets; '49 Colt and '63 Remington are partial to .315 round balls. With 10grs. 3Fg my pair shoot just a inch or so above point of aim. You will also need short skirt caps; RWS #1075 work very well as do Remington #11's.

thanks for the heads up, almost ordered some .320 from track.

Johnson Barr:
.320's will work, but shave a larger lead ring when seating. You might want to create a lever 'cheater' tube to slide over the too short
ram arm for more leverage to seat the .320's. Happy pocket shooting!

im a need to find a piece of steel that can replace the pin that was lost on the loading lever. but i will have fun with it.



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