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Permanent fix for binding ejector rod on 1875's

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Wagon Box Willy:
Over the years I was hardly able to use my 1875 Outlaws because the ejector rod nut kept bending and binding on the cylinder pin.  This is a very common problem with these pistols.

I discovered that the soft metal used to thread on the nut would bend after one cowboy match and the cause was friction against the holsters when holstering the pistol.  No mater what I did to relieve the condition by reshaping the holsters I was unsuccessful and over the years have spent hundreds of dollars both at VTI and elsewhere buying new rods.  The guns were relegated to a backup role because I could only get through one match with them before the issue occurred.

Then this summer I met up with a gunsmith friend and what we did was drill a couple of my broken off rods and tap them for 4-40.  Then using a little Loctite and a hard 4-40 cap head screw, we screwed the nut on the rod.

It appears to be a permanent fix and I've again been using my 1875's as my main match pistols for Cowboy Action Shooting.  It's been 6 matches and they are functioning as new.

I just thought I'd let you know, Thanks.  Now if I could just figure out how to make the hand springs more reliable.

Wagon Box Willy:
For some reason my pic wont display in original post.

Glad you got it fixed, but I've never heard that problem mentioned before.

Wagon Box Willy:
A number of us actually talked about it on here years ago.  I think at that point we didn't know what was causing it and I basically stopped using the guns because of it.

I've wet and reshaped my Slim Jim holsters a couple of times but the problem would always recur.  It seemed that no matter how careful I was it happened.

If you own one of these you'll notice that the ejector only has to move about an eighth of an inch before it hits the cylinder so any contact with the holster on the way in and you run the risk of bending the nut.  I've even postulated that ejecting those sticky BP cases put strain on that buttery soft screw joint.

Here's the old thread...kinda funny to read it now.  I thought I had it solved a couple of times.


King Medallion:
Never had ANY issues with my 75's, they get shot regularly.



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