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Remington 1858 with Kirst 45ACP cylinder

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Hey guys,

I plan on using a Remmy with Kirst 45LC cylinder, and getting another cylinder for 45ACP. I have plenty of factory 45ACP and plan on reloading more.
I have a few questions I am hoping you could help me with:

* Can I shoot factory 45ACP?
* Will the Kirst loading gate work for both 45LC and 45ACP cylinders?
I assume yes to both but wanted to make sure.

On Kirst's website in the safety information, "USE ONLY Black Powder or equivalent loads;"
and on the Remington Konverter page the Description says "Low Velocity Ammo"

Professor Marvel:
As our good friend Abilene said....
when in doubt, refer to the manufacturor's specs...

the commercial .45 ACP ball ammuntion can be up to 21,000 psi (SAAMI) and the
jacketed ammunition can be harder on the design than soft lead.

prf marvel

Hello antagony,

I think you need to stick with a lead projectile,
I wouldn't run a jacketed bullet through it.


45 Dragoon:
Unless you already have the gated conversion, I'd go with a 6 shot Howell type drop cyl conversion. In fact, as much as I'm an "open top" platform kinda guy, if I had the time to shoot cowboy, I would set up a pair of Rems with drop cyls.
   They are fast on the reload (faster than using the gate setup), no fuss switching from cap gun to cartridge (pick whatever category -same familiar base)  can be built to show ROA's  "how to" (and lighter) with coil springs, excellent "fouling management " .  They are an excellent competition platform if they don't bother your knuckles.




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