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Which capper do you use on your Remingtons?

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River City John:
If this has been covered before, please redirect me.

I've acquired a new to me old Uberti small-frame Navy.
Curious to know which capper is recommended to get into those smaller nipple pockets.

I have a Cash capper that comes to more of a point that holds the cap in two leaf springs which I plan to use. I thought about getting a snail capper, but the info on the shopping sites say not suitable for Remington cylinders.

I'm going to guess that whatever choice, at best I will be able to get the cap started and need to fully seat with a dowel or similar.

What has been your experience/preference?


Of Remingtons, all mine are Pietta and 44.    I had used a snail capper but great apr fingers and limited patience led to a whole tin of caps in the grass.   I switched to Cash straight cappers.   I have 11 or 13 of them.  Load them before a shoot and good to go.  Have not had trouble on Colts or Remingtons

Look closely at my cappers. For the Remingtons (I have 7) you will want the in-line style. Among the in-line cappers only the double steel spring tips and the single steel spring tips will work. The all brass (slotted tips and the snail style) are too thick to fit into the nipple cutouts. Forget the snail cappers. Note that I have ground back the tips of the steel springs to where there is very little protruding of the lips of the springs. Those cappers with the single spring tips and the brass supporting under the caps are the most reliable to apply onto the nipple and actually seat caps hard enough to not need further pushing onto the nipple (those are the two next to the snail capper).
All of those pictured work fine in the Colt style revolvers.
Some people take a Dremel to their Remingtons after removing the nipples and grind out the nipple recesses like the Ruger Old Army so any capper will fit.
Keep in mind the percussion revolvers were never designed for rapid reloading since they were providing SIX TIMES THE FIREPOWER of the single shot pistols they were replacing in the 1850s and 60s.

River City John:
One take away from this thread - I've ordered another Ted Cash inline capper to go along with the one I already have.

Seems like everyone keeps a dozen or so on hand . . . I should probably have at least a pair just to be considered respectable.

I did take my Dremel to the old Remington Navy I already owned to open up the nipple pockets, but the recently acquired Lyman Uberti Navy I want to keep as pristine as possible, for collector's value. Most of my revolvers I strip the grips and then use an oil finish on them, but I'm keeping the original finish on these grips for the same reason.

Thanks to all who've shared their info.


RCJ, I would order several.   nothing quite takes the joy out of the day like loading a capper.  I have 8.5 functional fingers, and they are stiff.  One day was particularly rough and my wife could hear my basement commentary on the situation from the 2nd floor.  She came down and completed the task with her lovely long and graceful fingers.  I work my way through it, knowing the joy of making those caps go off.



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