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Anyone have a 1858 cartridge conversion. And do you like it.

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Having purchased an 1858 Cartridge Conversion in .45 colt I began using it in the Local matches.  I use a load of 28 grains of 2Fg in Schofield cases behind a 230 grain cast conical.  What I want to know is there any one else who owns one and how much do they like it.  For the record, I really like mine.

River City John:
Yes, an R&D in .38spcl.
I do enjoy it, and did not bother grinding the recoil shield.


45 Dragoon:
Yep, I think the Howell (or Howell type) 6 shot conversions in 45 C are the best setup for the Remington platform. The Remington is an excellent set-up for use of a "drop cylinder" conversion. One of my favorite revolvers was a Pietta made '58 with a 5 1/2" tube in 45C. !! Very accurate!!!
  My current favorite is a ROA with a Kirst conversion. It is a drop cylinder as well but I'm almost done with a gated conversion which will turn the ROA into the most versatile S.A. revolver ever made!!


Grapeshot, I take it you are talking about Uberti's ready-made conversion.  I haven't shot one, but a local pard, Chisos, had a pair in 44-40 a few years back.  He shot smokeless in them, but I seem to recall he went a whole lot of matches with no misses.

Major 2:
I had one of the first Uberti forged 45 conversions in 2007 ( not the C&B revolver with drop-in )

7.5 inch barrel,  Nice piece , shot well and accurate for CAS ...
 Down side was it was front heavy . and at least for me the TG thumped my knuckle, and with full case BP it'd get stiff after the second stage.
 I much prefer the Uberti Colt Richards



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