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Shooting Johnson and Dow conicals in my 1858 NMA Pietta

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I got a look at the bullets on their website and I think the off angle for ramming is the culprit. The pointy tip probably makes tipping even worse rather than keeping the bullet centered.


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I would also like to jump in here.  So I will.  The Conicals you are trying to load are "Over Large" for application in Pietta Cap Guns.  Pietta Cap Gun cylinders will, and are suppose to shave lead from a 451 Round Ball.  Your stated diameter for the driving bad is WAY OVER size.  Also the diameter at the base of the ogive will/should be shaving lead.

You have two choices, either of which are recommended.  #1 - Ream the chambers.  Then your stuck with Over-Size balls as well.  #2 - Bevel the chamber mouth.  this will "start" the projectile and the chamber will swage it down.  The bevel will produce a bunch of unanticipated fouling of the arbor.  (Don't ask how I know this fact).  The Projectile, swaged into the chamber will be mostly "stuck."  Chamber pressure will go through the roof.  Perhaps literally. 

Were these conicals actually intended for Ruger Old Army perhaps??

Stay Safe Out There 

The Pathfinder:
Check on You Tube and search for either the Johnson and Drow or for using/firing conicals in Remingtons. I believe either Dustin Winnager(?) or Bottom Dealin' Mike (Duelist1954)? have a video about the plungers and either modifying or swapping with one that works. Good luck.

I have mostly Pietta's but I do have on old LYMAN NMA and lo and behold it has a little bigger chamber size.. It fits that conical like a dream!! ... So that will be my conical shooting iron and I will load round ball in the Pietta's..  Thanks for all the insight into this. Always learn something when on these forums and this is no exception.. Much obliged Gents


 What kind of lead are you using?  These molds are cut for pure lead, which will shrink considerable as it cools.  Harder lead alloys shrink less.  Anything with antimoney will hardly shrink at all. 



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