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Shooting Johnson and Dow conicals in my 1858 NMA Pietta

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Hi guys, It's been awhile since I was here.  I also have the Johnson & Dow mold for .44 Conicals.  I realized that the rammer on the Remington isn't made for conicals.  So I went on You-Tube and plugged into Mike Belleview's channel Duelist1954 and found is video on modifying the ram to handle conicals.  It's relatively simple and plan to modify mine some time next month.

Many of the CapN'Ball revolver rammers are set up for round ball and not conical.  Gary Barnes (Hoofhearted) modified mine when I had him doing some other work on my Pietta 51s so I could use conicals without mashing the tip.

Oregon Bill:
Here is a Youtube directly bearing on this issue by Mark Hubbs of Eras Gone Bullet Molds.


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