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New To Me Navy Arms Remington Navy .36

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Marshall John Joseph:
 I came across a mint 1962 Gregorelli/Uberti Navy Arms Remington Navy .36 cal in the original display box with all accoutrements. Top of the barrel says Navy Arms, Ridgefield, NJ.  I had to repair the latch with a brass button.  In addition, there is an UNFIRED .38 spl Taylors conversion cylinder with it, fitted by Taylors for the revolver.  Absolutely no rust, clean bore, don't know if it was ever fired.  Any idea what the whole kit and kaboodle is worth?


In all honesty, I don't have a clue.  I don't like Remington and because of my bad attitude, I have never pursued prices on them.  However:

Based on how badly you wanted it, to you, it is/was worth at least what you paid for it.  Whether it would be worth a similar amount to someone else??  Who knows.

Brandy Knew '58s run 3 to 5 Hundred bucks depending.  The conversion cylinders run 2 to 250.  Somewhere around a hundred and a half and two hundred for the box and the rest of the goodies.  So .... at retail ..... NEW ...... somewhere around 8 would be a fair guess.

Wow.  I started out with no clue and with a little Google Foo was able to come up with a WAG.  Cool.  I still don't like Remington.

Long Johns Wolf:
My congrats MJJ: what a rare find, certainly a collector's piece.
A G&U .36 Remmy.
G&U started making the Rem NM Navy sometime in 1960 only.
If it were over here in Germany the price would be ca. T$ 1,0 for the Remmy and case alone.
Long Johns Wolf

i find the prices of used percussion revolvers to be (with a few exceptions) to he very inconsistent--a lot depends on your region. My New Model .36 from 1960 is wonderfully balanced and I think you will find it a joy to shoot. Mine was marked Western Arms and I am pretty sure it is a G-U--regardless it is most definitily. not for sale.

Marshall John Joseph:
Don’t intend to sell. When I was a kid back in 1962 I use to walk past Navy Arms in Ridgefield and would marvel at the firearms there.  To clarify, I repaired the latch on the box.  The revolver is perfect. The owner lost interest in the pistol and traded me for it.  He defined the trade for a Maverick slug gun. I advised him to keep the Remington but he insisted.  I didn’t need another bp revolver but I heard that these early revolvers manufactured by Gregorelli-Uberti were well fit and finished.  Plus the Ridgefield connection was icing on the cake for me.  Maybe it was one of those in the display case that I dreamed about when I was a kid?  Maybe not. ;D. Makes for a good story.  I am happy with the trade and so is he.




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