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1858 factory conversion ammo

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Hello pards,

I've bought a original Remington 1858 factory conversion in .44 CF.

What is the right ammunition for this gun ? .44 Colt ?

I need it for loading data and brass.

Thank you

Lt. Blueberry

Marshal Will Wingam:
Welcome to CAS City, pard. Great gun. I can't answer your question, but congrats on the purchase. 8) You happen to have a picture of it you could post?

jiminy criquet:
Yes, no answers until we see some photos :)

I Ben Robbed:
I thought the original '58 Remmie conversions used rimfire cartridges?

I Ben Robbed:
Eh, regardless, here's an article that gives some reloading tips for the .44 Colt (even though the gun in the article is a Cimmaron Colt clone). 


Also, Black Hills Ammunition has the .44 Colt for sale, along with lots of other period correct ammo.




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