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The Prez is Back Again, I Think!


Papa Bear:
Hello all of you Remington shooters.

If y'all remember I had some computer problems before the TFS had their's and we both seemed to go down about the same time.  To make a very, very  long story short I had a high financial lesson on which computer geek to trust.  I have also have some family problems that were driving me nuts but that is now down to a mild roar.  My "newest" computer seems to be running up to par and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay that way. 

Bottom line is I am now back, again.   

I want to give a very big thank you to Bull for taking care of SCORRS in my absence as well as getting us on CAS City.   

If y'all don't know, Bull is the pard that owns and runs the SCORRS web site. 

The Frontier Spot is back on line and SCORRS has a forum there as before, but SCORRS will stay at CAS City and y'all can post on two different forums if y'all want to.  Bull will stay as moderator here and I will moderate at TFS.

I have missed y'all as well y'all stories about your Remmies.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Good to see you back, Papa Bear. ;) 8)

Steel Horse Bailey:
Welcome back!

Silver Creek Slim:
Welcome back, Papa Bear.



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