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Heads Up for Those In or Near Minnesota Cabela's !


Yankee John:
I just got a Cabela's Grand Opening paper in todays mail;  From Oct. 28 thru Nov. 6,  their Pietta Remington 1858 w/8" barrel is on sale for $139.99.  Stock # is 25395-001.  The catch is that this deal is available at the (3) Minnesota locations only.

I'm going right by the Owattona store on Friday- I just might have to pick myself up another one!

Here are the phone numbers:

- Owatonna, MN (507)451-4545

- East Grand Forks, MN (218)773-0282

- Rogers, MN (Grand Opening) (763)493-8600

Just letting you all know!

Smokin Gun:
Hey John, I heard the ones at that price were Brass Framed, do you know about that...I didn't wanna call long distance to order and find out it was brass when  got it. Please let me know ok? Damn good price anyway., but i'd like to use an R&D coversion drop-in with it. Thanks Pard...

Yankee John:
SG:   I called the Owatonna store today and it is definately the STEEL-framed version that will be going on sale!


Dakota Widowmaker:
I hit that deal FAST!!!

I just picked up a pair...SEQUENTIALLY NUMBERED! (my first time ever)

Perfect...I plan on getting a pair of Kirst Konverts for them as well.

I guess this puts me in as a member of SCORRS now...

Steel Horse Bailey:
We've got ya hooked, now! ;)



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